Say Yes

Hi friends, I remember watching a film with Jim Carey called The Yes Man.  It started with him being very miserable and subdued, he had just gone through a recent divorce, he stayed in every night and watched TV, even though people would invite him out.  He went to a seminar which was called Say Yes, he came out a new man, he started saying yes to everything  and got up to all sorts of funny antics, and inevitably fell in love.  The moral of the story being say yes to life and life will say yes back, and thats what Im going to talk about today, .

Be aware when you are consistently saying no, I try to make it non-existent in my vocabulary.

There are many ways we say no to life, when you are stuck in traffic and getting all worked up and angry, say yes by taking a deep breath, you could then people watch, put on an inspirational speaker on your music system, learn a new language.  Have a sticker on your car that says – Say Yes To The Universe.  When we say Yes we value every experience, we find the good in every situation.

When my grandson has a tantrum, which as a 2 year old he does quite frequently, instead of getting angry with him which would be saying no, I make a joke of it and I have a tantrum and he cant help but laugh, this is saying Yes, its diffusing the situation, its making it better.

So you lose your car keys, you are late for work, you left a pen in your white uniform when washing it andthere is now ink all over it (this happened yesterday), your kids squabble, you burnt the toast, that unexpected big bill in the post, relax take a deep breath say to yourself silently, or out loud if you can – I Say Yes To The Universe.

Saying Yes means accepting whats happening in your life, you are saying Yes to life, you are saying Yes to The Universe.  When you say Yes your life will flow more, fears will be gone, you will trust your ability to make things happen, you will feel a sense of control.

Stop fighting life.

Dont push the river if flows by itself.

Let go and say – YES, YES, YES to The Universe and watch as your life takes on new meaning and purpose.


Have an amazing Saturday.

Love from Loraine x




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