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Music has an amazing ability to lift your spirits if you are feeling a bit flat and low. It can take you back to memories of your youth, down at the disco at the youth club bopping along to your favourite music.

When your favourite song comes on the radio, you can dance round the house like your a rock star doing air guitar, or head bang to rock and roll, that is the fantastic effect music can have on you.

I’ve just bought an album by Michael Jackson called xscape and it includes songs, some that go back to the 80s, which he specifically instructed to be released on his death. It’s amazing how songs, films even photographs can keep a person alive even when they are no longer physical.

Michael Jackson was a true professional and incredibly talented, loved the world over for his unbelievable dancing and music. I do believe Michael had mountains of love in his heart, but unfortunately none for himself, and only came alive when he was performing, with his unique dance moves from crotch grabbing with high pitched ows. bended knee tip toes, the moon walk, cross legged twirls, high jumps. What a spectacular jaw dropping show he put on, he was a man following his inspiration doing what he loved, and there was no other place he would rather be.

I’m going to Corfu soon on a holiday called Summer Breeze, where there will be plenty of jazz, soul and funk music going on, and I will be Michaela Jackson doing the moon walk, much to my friends amusement, because I can’t do it, but for a laugh I have a go.

People do try and copy him, but there can only ever be one Michael Jackson. I do believe that some people are only meant to be here for a certain length of time, they leave this earth with an impact after leading an extraordinary life and give us something to learn from, legends like Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, JFK.

Michael Jackson was a troubled soul, who found relief in performing, you could see that he was totally in the zone, being who he really was, connected to source energy, we too can learn from this, tune into music, turn the volume up, sing along to your favourite song, it lifts your heart and soul, and you will have recaptured your Positive Attitude.

Music truly is the food of Love.

Have a fabulistic Friday Folks.

Much Love

Loraine x

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Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
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