1. Hi friends,


    I remember my Grandma used to say to me that dancing was the best past time and how right she was, and it’s only since being an adult that I appreciate the wisdom of her words.

    When we dance, no matter what type of dancing we are definitely in the zone and feeling positive, listening to the beat of the music, gyrating our hips to the rhythm, arms up in the air, clapping, feeling the vibration through our body. You would be hard pushed to think of anything else whilst bopping to your favourite music.

    I’ve been going to salsa now for 18 months with my salsa partner and friend Jean-marc Beloulou and we thoroughly enjoy it. Salsa is sensuous and eye catching, the turns, twirls twists, windmills, sombrero and much more, the trick with salsa is to be relaxed and let it flow, a bit like life really. To watch our teacher Charlotte dance is nothing short of genius. and I’m mesmerised whilst watching her.

    A few years ago I was keen on belly dancing and taught myself from a video, I really love it. I bought a full coin belt outfit and it is my wish to at least once to perform in public.

    Fortunately, I have plenty of opportunities to dance, but you don’t have to go out to dance you can twist around your house whilst doing the housework, or head bang and air guitar up your garden path, or even cha cha cha round the supermarket.

    Dancing is one of life’s gifts, you can feel your vibration raising when you dance. Seize every opportunity to feel the life force running through you. Go on end the struggle and dance through life.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday

    Lots if love

    Loraine x


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