Sex Drugs & Rock n Roll

Hi friends,

Sex Drugs & Rock n Roll

Why do people become addicted to anything ? because they want to feel good, they want to feel better, and you can’t blame them for that, they are doing the best they can with what they know, and there are no judgements.
Addictions come in many forms- Alcohol, drugs, sex, money, cigarettes, toxic relationships, excessive spending. I was once addicted to cigarettes and for the life of me I couldn’t give if up, but have done so now for 13 years.
There is a drug that is very long lasting, it’s highly beneficial to your well-being and there are no bad side affects, only really good ones.
It’s makes you feel:-
On top of the world
Outrageous joy
Your life’s flowing like a river
Goodness at every corner
Happy people wherever you go
Perfect timing
Unconditional love
Appreciative of everything
Highly optimistic
Positive Attitude
On purpose
Acts of kindness
Unlimited faith
What is this drug, where can I get it from, I want some of that ? you may ask, well it’s at your fingertips moments by moment, it’s free, you have easy access to it through focusing on thoughts that make you feel good, and when mastered consistently you will programme your brain to only think that way.
The drug is calked Alignment, Positive Attitude. Alignment with who-you-really-are, so connected to Source Energy that it feels like heaven on earth, and like those other substances you will become addicted, so much so that it feels painful not to think that way.
When you are in Alignment with Source Energy and being who-you-really-are, fully relishing your Positive Attitude, living life from a Higher Self perspective, you will experience a high like no other, and the difference is with other substances there is always a come down, with alignment there is no limit to how high you can go, you just go higher, higher and higher.
The good news is you influence everyone around you, your frequency raises and you take the world with you.
Happy Friday

Love from

Loraine x


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