The Magic of Sport

The Magic of Sport
We are spoilt for choice at the moment with exciting sports events to watch, the football World Cup, Wimbledon, British Grand Prix and Tour de France.
I love to watch tennis and yesterday’s men’s final was very exciting with the long rallies, drop shots, the aces and deuces, the oooohs and aaaahs ! the frustration
of missing a shot and the ecstasy when a great point is scored, everyone on the edge of their seats riveted to the court with every shot.
I’ve not been following the football, but now it’s nearing the end I’m going to start, mainly for the atmosphere.
Like the tennis football it’s the same with the excitement, disappointment, frustration, euphoria, on the edge of your seat atmosphere, football being far more of course, but you get the amazing goals, the headers, corners, emotions running to an epic high, grown men openly hugging each other. When England played a few weeks back the atmosphere in the pub was electric, you couldnt help but join in and cheer Englaaaaaand ! !
Yes sport, especially football unites people like no other. I’ve been trekking in the Himalayas and cycling in Vietnam and I witnessed children playing football in the street. The picture below is a young boy kicking a ball over the net in The Himalayas Nepal.
It’s almost like you can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world with football, it’s a universal language and you don’t need words.
When a group of people are engaged in watching a sport or taking part in it for that matter, there is a feeling of rapport and comrarderie like no other. Yes sport is truly a gift that we should relish and appreciate because it unites us all and raises our vibration to an all time high.


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