Promote Yourself

Hi friends

Promote Yourself

I have never known anyone that promotes themselves more than Joe Vitale. He is just so full of himself, and he has every reason to be, he’s written over 30 books, best sellers such as The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits, and was in the film The Secret, he’s learnt to sing and play the guitar at the age of 60. He’s invented a fitness drink called Fitarita instead of Margerita. He’s certainly not backwards in coming forwards with marketing himself.

He lives and breathes the Law of Attraction, he knows how the Universe works, he will have an idea and it will be off the ground the next day, he does not hold back, he practices the principles consistently on a daily basis, he takes inspired action on his brilliant ideas, he is fearless, he knows he’s on purpose and the Universe will back him every step of the way, with inspired logical baby steps.

Joe Vitale inspires me, because if we feel on purpose and we have something of value to offer this world, then why not “show off” and promote yourself. The Universe does not benefit by you acting small, you are meant to shine and thrive and show the world your unique talents, be bold be brave, take a leap of faith.

Can you imagine a life like that ? Living fearlessly, unlimited, invincible, bold and brave, like you are The Centre of the Universe, which you are.
Go on, get out there, show ’em what you’re made of. you will be thrilled you did and so will everyone else.

Have a day where you shine so brightly.

Lots of Love

Loraine x



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