Sympathy versus Empathy

Hi friends

Sympathy versus Empathy

How often do we feel sympathy, whether it’s for an elderly person who lives alone and is lonely, or a young mother with many children who is finding it difficult to cope, or some disaster that shows up as news on our TV screen.

I know you may think this is harsh what I’m going to say, but whenever you feel sorry or sad for someone, your sympathy is of a very low vibrational frequency, and is born from a victim mentality and you help them not one iota.
Whereas if you were empathetic and compassionate that’s a totally different ball game, you can identify and feel where they are at, feel compassion for their situation, but at the same time see them whole, healed, empowered and free and you can do this without saying a word. See them as they want to see themselves, they will benefit greatly from your high vibrational frequency. Remember your thoughts and feelings are energy, radiating out to the world and affecting all who you meet.

If you encounter an angry, inpatient or rude person, they are really angry and inpatient with themselves, and what they are asking for indirectly is love, and you can send them love silently, they will feel it radiating from you, and they will feel better and calmer.
When I was in the Himalayas and Vietnam my fellow explorers would feel sorry for the people because they were poor, I couldn’t see it at all, yes materially they had very little but they were resourceful, making the most of what they had, but they were clothed and fed and above all they were very happy and generous of spirit and to me that’s very rich, yes the simple life looked appealing and in some ways I was a bit envious of their lifestyle.

Yes we certainly influence this world in more ways than we will ever realise. I wholeheartedly believe in giving and contributing but from a standpoint of empowerment, inspiration, upliftment and love.

The world needs you and your Positive Attitude, joy, love and peace, give it freely on a daily basis, be an example of living a full, satisfying and joyful life. Send your loving, empathetic, compassionate, powerful thoughts to all you meet and make this world a better place.

Much Love As Always

Loraine x




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