Hi friends


We hear it all the time, to be successful you must set goals, be determined, motivate yourself, set a target for one month, 6 months, a year, five years. For some people this is the right way. No teachings are ever wrong, it’s what resonates with you.
My son, who is a Mohammed Ali fan said, when he boxes he does it with such ease, bouncing on his feet like a dancer, ducking when a punch comes his way just at the right time, he said I know what you mean when you say, don’t try too hard, let it flow and relax. I thought to myself, if he could learn and practice that one thing, he would know the answer to life.
We further discussed Mohammed Ali, I said being motivated and determined and feeling desperate had an element of resistance and pushing too hard, it defeats the laws of the land, you’re resisting what you want. Craig said Mohammed Ali trained hard and was determined and got all fired up, I said his action came from inspired action, inspiration for his sport and the freedom of his people.
We talked about Usain Bolt the fastest man on earth, who runs the 100 metres in 9.58 seconds. Craig said this is a super human speed. He lived on chicken nuggets whilst training and says he’s never nervous before a race. This says it all for me, it’s all in his attitude, the relaxed, easy going manner, bring desires and goals to fruition.
When we are taking score, and analysing where we are, to where we want to be, that resistant state keeps goals at bay.
We ask all day every day, life dictates it this way, we can’t help but ask for small and large things, and this is goal setting. If we can:-
Let it go
Not be desperate
Forget it almost
Allow it to flow with ease
Don’t push the river it flows all by itself
In fact, if you made your one and only goal to be that of cultivating a Positive Attitude and living your life from a platform of joy, love and purpose, you wouldn’t need to set another goal, everything you want would just flow into your life with ease, just like the ducking, dancing bouncing Mohammed Ali.
Have a great Monday
Love from
Loraine x


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