Stay On The Path

Hi friends

Stay On The Path

What do I mean ? Stay on the path ? What path, the garden path?
I mean stay on your path to your alignment, who you really are, your indestructible optimism and positivity.
It’s inevitable that at times you will come off the path. life dictates it so. This did happen to me the other day.
I was in a situation where a young girl was relaying a story in front of a group of people, it annoyed me, it made my blood boil, the injustice of it. This feeling stayed with me the next day, I went shopping and something happened at the checkout that’s never happened to me before, I was paying for my goods, and the girl that was serving me and another girl started openly arguing in front if me, about one of them always having Saturdays off.
I questioned myself, why are these annoyed people who are arguing in my experience ? I knew exactly why, it was the incident with the young girl the previous day, that annoyed feeling was still in my vibration. I had attracted the supermarket argument to me through the Law of Attraction.
If I did not clean up my vibration on this subject I would continue to attract annoyed people, circumstances and events to me, they would show up wherever I went. I knew exactly what to do, get back to thinking positive, loving, peaceful, joyful thoughts, get back on the path.
Now if I didn’t know what I know, I would never have linked the two situations, I would be oblivious to it. Unyet these things are happening all day every day, to each and every one of us, and we are not aware of it. This is what I mean when I say – We create our own reality.
Whatever we are thinking and feeling, when we go out into our day, we will attract it back to us in one form or another, and what I’m suggesting here is to become aware of it.
How you are feeling is your guide like your own personal sat nav, your emotions will tell you if you are on the path or not.
If you are feeling good, you are on the path, whether its a thought from the past, present or future it doesn’t matter, the universe only responds to your vibration now. If you are thinking thoughts of fear, worry, anxiety, blame, unforgiveness, be assured you are not on the path and you will know exactly what to do.
Let your emotions be your guide.
Your whole life experience is in your hands, don’t you just love knowing that ?
Get on the path and stay on that path to:-
Well being
You know it’s the right path because it feels so good, it’s who you really are and it’s why you’re here.
Stay on it, keep on it, if you stumble off it, you know exactly what to do and how to get back on.
Stay On The Path to:-
To Alignment with Source Energy, and enter The Kingdom of Heaven,
Which feels like Heaven on Earth.
Love from
Loraine x



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