Think Big

Hi friends

Think Big

The above statement comes from Donald Trump, and when he started thinking like this his life sky rocketed to amazing heights.
Love him or hate him you’ve got to admit this man’a got charisma, determination and spirit..

He was once millions in debt, and was invited to a dinner where all the big bankers who he owed money to were there, he could have easily stated at home, but he decided to go.

He sat next to man who ignored him for the first hour, but Donald. kept trying to strike a conversation with him, not knowing who he was, eventually they got talking about women, a subject they both loved and got on like a house on fire, it turned out that he owed this man the most, and he was the nastiest and wanted Donald’s guts for garters. The banker rang him the next day and they made an arrangement to pay off the debt.

Donald Trump’s passion is in the art of and winning the deal, he’s a property magnet. If he goes into a meeting in his mind he has already won the deal, but he does listen to what they say, and in his head he knows they will come round to his way of thinking.

His father taught him from a young age to – Never, ever, ever give up, never quit and that’s stayed with him all his life.

I love his gung-ho, determined, who cares what they think, I will do it my way, think big, mentality.

What are your Think Big dreams ? Some of mine are :-
Trekking in the Rocky Mountains, Canada
Drive down The Big Sur, rooftop down singing at the top of my voice, with an attractive member of the opposite sex by my side
Drive along Route 66
Simulate a wedding in the White Chapel Las Vegas, I’m Marilyn Monroe and I get married to an Elvis lookalike
Go canoeing in a dug out canoe, in Peru, along the crocodile infested Amazon with a local tribesman
Live with tribes in South America or Africa
White water rating
Live with monks in India and meditate
Live in a beach hut Thailand

Bizarre, crazy, adventurous, outrageous, of course, that’s what Think Big Dreams are and I have no doubt I will manifest them, in fact because I’ve visualised and imagined all of the above, for me it’s already done, as I know the wheels are in motion vibrationally and it’s inevitable they will happen. Two big dreams I have, not from the above, are coming true in the next couple of months, watch this space.

Don’t make excuses when it comes to your Think Big Dreams and ideas, like I have no money, time, resources or whatever. It’s not your job to figure out the how, it’s the Universe’s, and when you have a very strong desire the Universe has a way of bringing circumstances and events, to you.

So today, get a notepad and pen and write down exactly what your Think Big Dreams are, and feel good about it, visualise and imagine it, let it go and allow it to come to you naturally.

If you think small, you will get small results, you deserve the best of what life’s got to offer, you just have to believe you are worthy of it.
You owe it to yourself to Think Big and live your dreams. At the end of your physical life you don’t want regrets, you want to be saying –

Waaaaaaashay what a ride !

Have a marvellous day
Love from
Loraine x


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