A Magical Moment

Hi friends

A Magical Moment

I’m not a football fan and debated whether or not to watch the World Cup as England wasn’t in it. I decided to watch it for the atmosphere and seeing people euphorically happy.

The tension was rising in the stadium , there weren’t any goals scored and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Both sides had many missed opportunities for scoring a goal, and spectators had their hearts in their mouths.

The game was in extra time, when the young German player Gotze scored a goal, and what a goal it was. I’m not in any way knowledgable about football, but even I could see that the goal was well worthy of the prestige occasion. It was truly a magical moment when he scored, and the crowd went wild.

Gotze was quite near the net, the ball came down from above, it landed on his chest and bounced onto the floor, where he kicked it at a very acute angle into the net, the goalkeeper was powerless to stop it.

Now why was Gotze able to score a goal, where none of the others players could manage it ? You could say:-
He’s a very gifted player
He was fresher than all the other players as he was a sub
He was in the right place at the right time
He was a team player

You would be right in assuming that all the above are correct reasons why he scored.

There is one other factor to consider, and to my mind the one main reason he scored, and that is that this young man in that moment, that very important moment, that will define him for ever more, was that he was a vibrational match to his desire, he was in sync with universal forces, he had access to the energy that creates worlds, he was connected to Source Energy, so much so that he knew exactly what to do in that crucial moment.

When the ball came down from above, he could have headed it, or bounced it on the floor and kicked it into the net. The winning formula was to balance the ball on his chest, bounce the ball and kick it in, and to do those three very articulate manoeuvres on such a grand stage, whilst being watched by virtually the whole world, is nothing short of genius.

Everybody else in the stadium prior to the goal was on tenter hooks, desperate for a goal, you could see it in their faces.
The inspired action that Gotze took was coming from his higher self, its who he really was, and it was the most natural thing in the world.
When you are connected to Source Energy you are more powerful than a million who are not.

When you are in that magical state miracles are not rare, but an everyday occurrence. Serendipity and synchronicity occur constantly and that feeling of power from within will be your normal state of being.

Have a lovely day

Much Love
Loraine x


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