The Importance of Meditation

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The Importance of Meditation

I have written about this topic before and recommended various guided meditations. It’s well worth discussing further, because it is so important to your mental health and Positive Attitude.

A lot of people say they can’t meditate, or they find it difficult to stop the mental chatter.

When I was trekking in The Himalayas, there were a couple of young women fellow explorers, Jane and Megan, who had just became psychologists, and they wanted to do something different to mark their achievement.

We discussed meditation a lot and we even met a famous monk at khatmandu Airport, who we all discussed meditation in depth with him. I remember Megan saying that there was no wrong way to meditate, and that has stayed with me, and I want to emphasise this.

It is normal for the mind to wander in the initial stages of meditation, just watch the thought and see it float by, and get back to concentrating on your breath or candle or whatever you’ve chosen to focus on.

Perseverance and practice is the key, just do it for a few minutes at a time, then increase it a bit more every day, and what you find you will be able to have no thought for longer and longer. 15-20 minutes a day is all you need.

The time and place you meditate is also very important. Find a place that is very comfortable, either a chair in the corner of a room, or on your bed. First thing in the morning is good because it sets you up for the day. If you do it in the evening you may fall asleep, but that is fine too. Remember, there is no wrong way to do this, it’s what feels best to you.

I have various guided meditations which I change from day to day, but lately I’ve just been practicing meditating on my own, focusing on my breath, eyes closed and looking at the area between the eyebrows, which is the third eye chakra. I am now able to have no thought for 15 minutes, but it’s taken practice.

The benefits of meditation are so huge, especially when done first thing in the morning, it literally sets you up for the day. That 15 minutes of non-resistant thought will make you feel calm, positive and in control of your mind.

Research has also shown that meditating affects the cells in our body, further enhancing our health and well being.

Just think what you can achieve once you’ve mastered the art of meditation. You can guide and control your calm thoughtful mind to any desire you wish, and truly be the creator of your own reality, which is your birthright, and the true authentic you that you were born to be.

Have a great Wednesday

Lots of Love
Loraine x


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