Hi friends


I have been considering as to whether or not commitment is a resistant, pushing hard, against the flow emotion.
I’ve decided, that commitment is absolutely positive. It’s focused energy towards something that you want, and that is always a good thing. It’s an extension of your passion.

18 months ago I decided to commit to learning salsa dancing. I had tried it five years previously and was half hearted about it, but now that I’ve made the commitment to myself I’m now enjoying the bliss of whirling, twirling, turns and twists, and the delicate sensual rhythm of salsa.
Another commitment I made six years ago is – Nothing is more important than I feel good – I commit to my Positive Attitude and live and breathe it. Some may say this is selfish, but the opposite is true, because when you lift the world, the world lifts with you, and you positively affect all who are around you.

Commitment is used in romantic relationships, and if both parties are feeling that way it’s a good thing, but if one is not and feels their freedom is being compromised, then commitment to that particular person just will not work. It’s always about the way you feel, let your emotions be your guide.

Commitment is a pact you make with yourself, no one else can see it, but when you follow your passion without any doubt or deviation and commit to it wholeheartedly, doors of opportunity will open up right before your eyes that were closed before, and you will indeed succeed in your endeavours.

Commitment feels like it’s ingrained within you, like it’s running through your veins. If I hear or watch salsa I can feel the passion ignite within me, and it’s the same with anything positive that interests me.
Yes, commitment is very powerful, that focused energy towards your passion.

Ignite it today, commit to something that you love and excites you, and know without a doubt that you are exactly on the right glorious path.

Happy Thursday

Love from
Loraine x


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