Be Creative Not Competitive

Hi friends

Be Creative Not Competitive

The above principle comes from the little 100 year old book called The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, and it’s the book that inspired Rhonda Byrnes film The Secret.

When we are creative it doesn’t always mean painting pictures or playing a musical instrument. Being creative is in all things you love doing, it comes from within, it comes from the heart.

You can be creative in making a lovely home or gardening. When I go out with my friends I always think we are creative with our fun.
When we have an idea and we bring into the mix competition, like everybody else is doing that, or he or she does it better than me, you have missed the point.

Creativity comes from you and you alone, it’s unique to you, it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing.

With a mindset of feeling competition, it’s a lack mentality a lack of self belief and self worth. The truth is the universe is abundant, there is room for everyone’s creativity.

If you are looking at someone else’s creativity and feeling inspired and appreciative of it, that’s completely different, but there is no way any reason to feel threatened by it.

When a random inspired idea comes to you and it thrills and excites you, it comes from universal intelligence, source energy and to not act on it is doing yourself an injustice.

The idea is unique to you, get creating it, put 100% effort into it, it’s who you really are. it’s come through your alignment with source, believe in yourself, know that you’re worthy to create beyond description.

The world needs you to be uniquely you and show off your divine creativity, in fact we are all waiting for it, so just bring it on.

Have a great Sunday

Lots of Love
Loraine x


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