Hi friends


Have you ever wondered why the same things keep happening to people. They attract the same types into their lives. The same situation keeps occurring at work or in their social or family setting.

We have thought patterns, often we are unaware of, as they are deep seated in our subconscious mind and have been there all our lives.

When we try to attract something deliberately and it’s not coming, it’s probably because these thought patterns are blocking it, and in order to attract what we want, we must clear and release them.

I remember as a child, my dad was a good man he worked hard to support his family, but I didn’t see him much, so I had a thought pattern whilst growing up that you had to work hard for money. Which I know is not true, as there are many people who earn money and don’t work hard. So I’ve now cleared that pattern in me.

Some thought patterns and beliefs you are conscious of, you believe them and feel then to be true, but what happens is you have a belief, the law of attraction keeps bringing you evidence of that belief and further reinforces it, so it’s a vicious circle. If the belief is a good one and it’s serving you well that’s really good, but if it isn’t the question is how do we change it.

I’ve just read a book called The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale, for the second time, where he has many exercises for clearing blocks . One is get two pieces of paper, on the first piece write out your negative thought pattern and feel the emotional charge of it, on the second write out how you want it to be, and then destroy the first one.

I did this exercise relating to a thought pattern I had and in the morning I felt light and free, and ready to conquer the world.

There are many methods to release blocks, such as tapping EFT, affirmations and many more, it’s what works and resonates with you.

We can be, do or have anything we want, we just have to allow it in. Get clear about your negative thought patterns, release them and become the invincible powerful being you are meant to be.

Have a great Tuesday

Love as always

Loraine x


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