Align and Then,,,,,,

Hi friends

Align and Then…….

Align with your Positive Attitude and then…..
Feel the ease and then…..
Feel happy now and then…..
Chill out and then……
Connect to your source and then….
Appreciate and then…..
Love unconditionally and then….
Feel outrageous joy and then….
Meditate and then….
Nothing is more important than I feel good and then…..
Get into the zone and then….
Mould the energy and then….
Feel your passion and then….
Be compassionate and then….
Contribute and then….
Stroke the furry cat and then….

Forget about worries, unsolvable problems, anxiety , unforgiveness, just access the energy that creates worlds through your Positive Attitude in any way you can, and your life will just flow with ease.

What feels better, worrying about your child’s school report, or your unconditional love for them ?
What feels better, feeling unworthy or knowing your the best thing since sliced bread ?
What feels better, overwhelment or sitting quietly with a nice cup of tea ?
What feels better, getting angry at the motorist who cut you up or forgiving them ?
What feels better, being upset over your friends tactless remark or appreciating the fun times you’ve had ?
What feels better, walking along the path not noticing anything because your mind is full of worrying trivia, or appreciating all the beauty around you ?

When we stop trying to change and control conditions that cannot be changed, and do what we can do right in this moment, and that is to feel good and connect to our Positive Attitude, and be who we really are, it will feel like the most heavenly place on earth.

Happy Wednesday

Love from

Loraine x


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