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Hi friends

Inspirational People
Zen Habits

Leo babauta has a website and blog called Zen Habits, he was recommended to me by my daughter, and I’m really enjoying his blogs.
His style and themate are along the same lines as myself. He changed his life 9 years ago to a simple and stress free life.
He talks about what he has learnt along his journey and I’ve found his teachings very beneficial.
His most recent blog is Living the Simple Life, and talks about the important things in life and how to prioritise them. How to be clutter free, how to have a lovely morning and create time and space in your life for what really matters.
I’ve signed up for a free ebook which I get daily via email called Letting Go, it’s so good.
Have a look at his website, Zen Habits. another excellent tool towards our Positive Attitude.


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