Signs of the Universe

Hi friends

Signs of the Universe

The signs from the Universe happen all day every day, are constant and ongoing, and they give you feedback to where you are vibrationally.

I’ve been deliberately making an effort to notice signs and indications from circumstances and events, resulting from the thoughts I’ve been thinking.
They are happening all the time but we are unaware of them.

If you don’t make a conscious effort to look for them, they will pass you by unnoticed. When you do notice them they will knock your socks off.
What I’m going to talk about here is small things that have been happening, because they have less resistance and come easier, than the larger things in life.

I’ve been doing abundance work lately and I know it’s not much, but every time I get a scratch card I win a small amount and it’s happened three times in the last couple of weeks.

I thought of a friend of a friend, who remarried 5 years ago, and I’ve not seen her in all that time, then I saw her being served in a shop the other day.
A new friend on Facebook put a picture of me on there wearing a red dress, that I’ve not seen or worn in years, and I didn’t even know where it was. At the same time I thought I would like some more summer clothes. My daughter turned up a few days later with a big bag of summer clothes that she know longer wants, and guess what was in there, yes the red dress.

In town there’s a new hand car wash, it always looks busy, four men all wash the car together. I thought I wonder if it is good and how much. My neighbour walked past me whilst I was washing my car, and he said I don’t wash my car anymore, the new car wash is excellent and they charge £10.

Rhonda Byrne the author of The Secret saw a lovely skirt on a woman whilst away in another country, she thought I really like that skirt. She returned home to Australia drove past a shop and the exact same unique skirt was in the shop window. Rhonda went into the shop to enquire about the skirt, the owner said the skirt had never been ordered, but had just randomly arrived a few days previous. Of course Rhonda had to buy the skirt.

The Universe will bring you miracles like this on a constant ongoing basis, but I don’t think of them as miracles any more, I’m so used to it I expect it.
Become sensitive to your own vibrational energy and mould it to your liking, and watch as the magical Universe will bring you one miracle after another.
Happy Monday

Love from
Loraine x


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