Hi friends


Change, surprises, uncertain circumstances and events are inevitable in life. It’s what makes up a life of diversity and spontaneity.
How do you deal with this, are you flexible to unknown outcomes ?

As a work in progress, I admit to not being flexible in some areas, especially technology.

I’m going on a trip soon, and I received a letter giving me instructions to go online to get my e ticket and boarding pass.

Thoughts of frustration and inflexibility reared their ugly head. Why can’t they do it like they always do it, and send the documents in the post, next they will be wanting me to fly the plane.

My need for it to be different and be how it always has been done and not going with the flow and be flexible, actually spoilt my day, but my daughter helped me in the end.

When the people around us are not behaving in a certain way, or not doing things as we think they ‘should be’ done, it compromises our Positive Attitude.
Whereas, if we let go and be more flexible, and accept people, circumstances, situations, changing of times, our life experience will flow so much easier.

In fact I’m going to do some prepaving work on myself regarding technology, because my resistance and inflexibility come from a belief that technology is hard, and if I think that I know the universe will give me more frustrating situations like that.

I’m going to do some quantum jumping and meditating around my thoughts on technology, my aim being to become a technology wizard.

Identify where you’re inflexible and work on feeling more ease around that subject, and watch your life flow with ease like a gentle flowing river.

Have a fab weekend.

Love from
Loraine x


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