Hi friends,


The feeling of freedom is very much a personal emotion, and unique to the individual.

It can mean:-
Freedom from worry
Freedom from working
Freedom from financial insecurity
Freedom to travel
Freedom for me means the ability to feel good regardless of the circumstances, because when you are able to do this, it makes you feel very powerful.

Why do we want anything ?
The house
The job
The car
The lover
The business

It’s because we think we will feel good and better in the having of them, but when we have the ability to feel good before they arrive, you have the answer to a happy life, and those things you want will automatically appear in your life.

The truth is we can choose our own thoughts, and that is the only unique piece of freedom we are totally in control of.

Choose thoughts that are in line with who you really are.
Choose positive uplifting thoughts, regardless of the circumstances, and you will experience a freedom beyond belief.

Happy Friday

Love as always
Loraine x


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