An example of Living with Flexibility

Hi friends

An Example of Living with Flexibility

Following on from yesterday’s post on flexibility, I thought I would share with you what I’ve learnt, and how I intend to walk the talk and practice what I preach.

I regularly transfer my blogs from Facebook onto my website, which then automatically goes on to twitter. I copied a few blogs, but it didn’t publish. Oh well I thought it doesn’t matter I will try again later.

I went up town parked my car and walked quite a distance into town to get a Rhythms of the World ticket for the weekend, a yearly music festival held in Hitchin, they had run out. Never mind I thought got a bit if exercise had a chat with my friend who works in the shop.

Went to bank a bill wouldn’t go through which I paid for in cash. The bank clerk was getting stressed, the queue was building, I sent her loving healing energy silently and it went through ok.

Went to Boors my advantage card wouldn’t work, it doesn’t matter I told the assistant.
I shopped in Sainsburys handed over my £2 parking ticket for a refund off my bill, it wouldn’t go through, I said I will take it to customer service to get a refund, don’t want your queue building up, I said. “Thank you” the young cashier said.

In a very short space of time all these little potentially annoying and frustrating events happened, I could have felt that everything was against me and become agitated, angry and frustrated.

Instead, I decided to choose flexibility before I walked our the door. It was a conscious decision, because these little occurrences can spoil your day.
I chose flexibility, my ongoing Positive Attitude and a trust in the Universe, that it all works out in the end.

Have a great Sunday
Love from
Loraine x


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