Inspirational People – Peace Pilgrim

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Inspirational People
Peace Pilgrim

At the age of 45, Mildred Lisette Norman changed her name to Peace Pilgrim.
Up until that time she felt confused. She was born in 1908, was very young when World War 1 started. In WW2 she pleaded with her husband not to join the army, he refused and they divorced.

Mildred spent the following 15 years experiencing an inner shift, to one of a higher self who was totally giving. She simplified her life, worked tirelessly with the under privileged. She knew she had a purpose and calling in life, but was not sure how that would play out, in order for her to fulfil her purpose.

She had a vision, which gave her clarity. She saw herself walking zig zag across America.

Peace gave up all her possessions and worldly goods, and began a pilgrimage across America spreading the word of peace.

Her only possessions were the navy tunic she wore with Peace Pilgrim on the front, and 25,000 miles on foot for world peace on the back. Navy slacks, sneakers, a comb, pen and stamps.

In 1953 her first pilgrimage started. She walked into towns, talked on radio stations, she was invited into churches and schools to talk, and although nervous at first of public speaking, she soon became excellent. Talking with passion and answering any questions that came her way.

Sometimes people would mock and criticise her, but Peace was always loving, kind, peaceful, and polite answering with unwavering calm and politeness, being the example of peace and love that she was portraying.

There were times when she was about to be attacked, like when she was caring for two little girls, an aggressive neighbour came looking for them saying they had damaged his property. Peace stood between him and the girls and just looked at him with love and peace, he was not able to strike her, and left.

Peace lived on the roadside and ate berries and greens from the land. As times passed she became more and more popular and she was invited to stay in people’s homes and they fed her too, but she never accepted lifts or money.

Peace trusted the Universe to look after her, she was never afraid and was grateful that she was given the chance to be a vehicle and channel to spread peace to the world.

She did 7 pilgrimages across America, Canada and Mexico from 1953-1981 till the age of 72. She walked for 28 years in the name of peace.
Her sister Helen Young is still alive and will be 100 in 2015, she helped

Peace with her vast amount of mail that was sent to her home town, and still gets mail for Peace to this day.

What a remarkable woman. This book has got to be the most inspiring I have ever read, and very appropriate at this time, with the centenary remembrance of WW1.

As Joe Vitale says, with regard to Peace Pilgrim.
“Dare Something Worthy”

Peace Pilgrim has a website, started by friends of Peace. Well worth a look, she has a plan for inner peace, where the quest for world peace always starts.

Have a great day.
Love as Always
Loraine x


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