Rembrance Day of WW1

Hi friends

Remembrance Day of WW1
Today is the 100 year anniversary of World War 1.
I have written on here on a previous post, about my grandad Joseph Pearson who served in the trenches at the age of 20.

He was a prisoner of war in Germany twice, and escaped twice.
He wrote a book of poems, the first one was called Over The Top which he talks about comrades dropping either side of him.

The poems are the only way I know anything about my grandad, but we sound very similar, he was a deep thinking, spiritual man who loved people and nature.

Here is the poem:-

Over The Top
(An echo of the Great War 1914-1918)
Over the top with the first war
At the first cold streak of day
Right to the front with the best ‘uns
Up to your eyes in clay
With a death like grip of your rifle
Your best friend at your command
To kick up a corpse is but a trifle
Out there in no mansland

Into the teeth of the gun fire
Trusting to luck, you know
Teasing through tangled barbed wire
Over the top you go
Right to the fore with the captain
In the stars shells sizzling glare
Stumbling over prostrate dead men
‘Mid machine guns rattling glare

Theres a pal on your right thats just dropped
Theres one on your left as well
Theres a roar in front that just stopped
‘Twas a noise like a whoop from hell
Theres a flash in front of you somewhere
Theres a loud singing noise in your head
You seem to be suddenly nowhere
Then a blank and you think you’re dead

Over you bends a vision
An angel in azure and white
Seeking your souls submission
This must be heaven, alright
She smiles with a sparkle and bright eyes
As your head with a pillow she’ll prop
And then all at once you’re quite wise
The you’re glad you went over the top

Today, I hope you will join me in turning your lights out between 10-11pm and have a candle flickering, and join the nation too, in remembering people like my grandad who brought us freedom and peace.

Tomorrow I am going to post a remarkable story about peace, and emphasise that peace, starts with the individual with inner peace, which leads to world peace.

Have a good Monday
Much Love
Loraine x


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