Be Kind To Yourself

Hi friends

Be Kind To Yourself

In order to be kind to others, we must first be kind to ourselves.
When you become aware of how you talk to yourself, you will often realise you are your own worst critic,

Because it’s a long term habit it’s automatic and virtually goes unnoticed, but criticising and putting yourself down, does affect your life experience in a negative way.

If your best friend had the same issue that you have, you would be kind and compassionate to them. You would uplift them and praise them, so why not treat yourself like this too.

In any given moment, we are all doing the best we can, with the knowledge and resources that we have.

So what if you’ve made the same mistake over and over again, be kind and praise yourself for recognising where you went wrong. and know that you are in an excellent position to get it right next time.

If you remember that every experience is for learning and there are never any real mistakes or failures, just opportunities to learn and grow. So:-

Cherish yourself
Feel worthy
Praise yourself
Talk to yourself with empowering words
Be compassionate to yourself
Know that you are continually learning and growing

Choose kindness towards yourself. You came here to experience love, growth and joy.

You deserve it, you are worth it.

Happy Wednesday
Love From
Loraine x


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