Hi friends


It is true that the decisions you make today will affect your future, and obviously you want to make the right decisions.

As I said yesterday though, we are only doing the best we can from where we are, so it stands to reason we are going to make decisions based on that.

I have always loved property, the idea of buying a house and turning it into something wonderful thrills me.
When I was first married I wanted to buy the house next to ours, refurbish it and sell it on, but my husband, who is now my ex, was not keen, so I made the decision to let it go.

I belonged to a property investment group, and decided to buy a house up north near to where I had relatives, and rent it out. This amazing house nearly went through, but there were complications and I decided to let that go too.

I went on a property investment course, spent a lot of money, was really keen. Then after a meeting with a mortgage broker from the course I decided against it, after he tried to persuade me to sell a fitness drink.

There was a decision regarding houses that I made 4 years ago, and that was to buy a house in Bulgaria off eBay. The whole project has cost me £10,000, 3k to buy it and 7k to refurb it, and from beginning to end the whole
adventure has felt nothing but bliss.

So you see I based my decisions on how I was feeling. I could scold myself and say I should have done it this way or that way, but I choose to praise myself on making a decision out of the box, on creating a little piece of paradise that’s all mine.

Always base your decisions on how you feel, and you can’t go wrong.
And of course on a daily basis the best decision you can make is:-
Nothing is more important than I feel good.
If you stick to that one, there will be no question as to which is the right decision, you will feel it with every fibre of your being.
Have a lovely Thursday.

Much Love
Loraine x


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