Peak Experiences

Hi friends

Peak Experiences

There are many events in life which we could call peak experiences such as :-


And oh how we wish we could hang on to that wonderful feeling when we are having a peak experience. The exhilaration, the anticipation, the fun and laughter, the higher emotions of love, joy and friendship.
The song “oh I wish it could be Christmas every day” feels appropriate in this case.

I’m going cycling in Poland tomorrow and I’m feeling all of the above emotions, especially intense excitement and anticipation. It’s the feeling of adventure and a deep knowing that I’m going to have the best time ever.
Why do I know this ? because I’m an adventurer I’ve done it before. I’m following my bliss. I’ve prepaved and visualised the peak experience in my head.

I don’t know anybody that’s going either, but know they will be like minded people and we will have such fun.
Yes, the peak experiences are wonderful, but if we had them all the time they wouldn’t be peak experiences.

So let’s savour them, congratulate ourselves that we are having them. Stay on the path of feeling good in between, and know that every moment in our life is really a peak experience.

Have a lovely Friday.

Lots of Love

Loraine x


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