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Hi friends,


I’ve just returned from an amazing cycling trip in Poland, and over the next week I will talk about the country, lifestyle, scenery, the fun and frolics, friendships and the adventure we experienced.

Poland is a large country, and has had it’s borders changed many times over the years.
The country suffered badly during the war, but are now friends with Germany.
It is a religious catholic country, with pictures and statues of John Paul II everywhere, he died in 2005.

We visited many beautiful churches, some dating back to the 15th century, made of wood and built without nails. Others have been built more recently and are very modern, abstract, almost rocket like in structure.

We visited a museum called The Inspiration Museum, it was made of timber, and it showed how resourceful the Polish were many years ago.
The whole family lived in the house, mum and dad slept on the small bed, the baby cot overhead, grandma and grandad behind the fireplace to keep warm, the children on benches around the dining table, the guard dog in a special place under the table. Every inch of the house was used to capacity.

The woodcraft was outstanding, there were minute decorative carvings of various utensils, and Kasia our Tour Leader would invite us to guess what each utensil was used for.
One item in particular was interesting and became the butt of many jokes, was a beautifully carved decorated spoon holder. Apparently, young men who made them would present their spoon holder to a potential new wife to prove he was worthy of being a good husband. We joked that we thought it was a good idea today. Men of Poland to this day have very good DIY skills.
Whilst cycling through Poland I noticed that a lot of the houses were huge, had three and four storeys, detached and painted in bright colours, often with an array of vibrant flowers in every colour imaginable.

I said to Kasia that it would appear that the Polish are quite prosperous, she said they aren’t but their houses are very important and all their money goes into them. They are hand built by the men and passed down through generations. The women tend to the beautiful gardens.
Spending time with family rather friends is also a top priority to the Polish.

I was beginning to get a feel of Poland and it’s people, and I knew that I was going to appreciate and love everything about this amazing country.
Have a great day

Love from
Loraine x


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