The Characters On The Polish Trip


Hi friends

The Characters on The Polish Trip

Kasia was our Tour leader on the Explore Pedalling in Poland Cycling trip.

She was polish, and an excellent tour leader. I would say she went beyond the call of duty, in order for her to deliver the best adventure holiday ever.

She had a drawing of maps that she produced every day to show us where we were going.

Kasia was energetic , enthusiastic, fun and safety conscious. We joked that we were mother and daughter, because I have daughters her age. I would be proud to call her my daughter. She said in a recent email how great it is to meet a soulmate, I feel that way too, because we had a lot of spontaneous fun.

I met Mike at Gatwick airport he was a married man from Bishops Auckland, was retired from the military and now working as a supply teacher.

Mike was a brilliant story teller. He had a story to tell on every subject, he was also very knowledgeable and friendly, talking and chatting to people at every opportunity.

In a lot of ways Mike reminded me of my dad who came from the same area.

We called him Military Mike, he wore a combat like jacket with loads of pockets. If you needed a pen, safety pin or tissue, who would come up with it ? yes Military Mike. Morley said that Mike was the 4th emergency service -AA, RAC, Green Flag Mike.
Mike was a great guy with a huge personality and very popular amongst the group.

Morley was a retired Physicist, who was very clever, and I said I think he’s a relative of Albert Einstein.

He also had a very dry sense of humour. When we had wet weather he pegged his socks on the wires of the brake cables to dry them, hilarious. Morley was also very kind to Bob, his room mate who was ill.

Sara, was my room mate a few nights. She came from Utah America and was a lawyer.

Sara remarkably was travelling around the world, and was cycling in Poland as she had a bit of time to spare. Sara had many interesting stories to tell.

Sally was a priest from Norfolk. She had been on 25 Explore trips, but said she had never been on one where there was another priest.

Michael, was from Dublin Ireland. He was a lawyer. He had an amazing soft and gentle Irish accent.

Michael had a witty and dry sense of humour. He smiled easily and was genuinely interested in people, asking them questions about their lives, but his outstanding quality was his listening skills, you could see him listening intently and responding accordingly to stories and conversations.
It must come from being a lawyer.

Listening is a skill I admire in people, my best friend Kathy has it. I do listen to people but sometimes my mind wanders, I’m going to cultivate that skill.

Roger was a priest. He was a witty man with a dry sense of humour. Sometimes his jokes would go unheard because he said them softly, he said one day “there are people who are multi lingual, people who are bi lingual and then there are the English”

Roger was always where the fun and activities were. Michael, Roger and I went swimming, I thought afterwards I can now say I’ve been swimming with a priest.

Kevin and Nick shared a room, and we hit the town the first night.

Kevin was a keen explorer, walking around the different areas we stayed in each night. I would often bump into him when I was out walking myself. He was very interested in the history of Poland and went on a tour Communist Poland.

Kevin became my official photographer, as you know I’m a poser, and he didn’t seem to mind taking photos of me, in fact sometimes he volunteered.

Nick was always there when we were having fun and laughter. He had booked the trip to coincide with a polish wedding he was going to afterwards. Kasia gave him plenty of advice about what to expect, plenty of drinking, dancing and lovely ladies. He was looking forward to it.

Nick was the fittest in the group. Always fast and getting to the top of the hill first. I would be cycling along and he would just glide past me effortlessly.

Natalie was of South American parentage and had big beautiful brown eyes. Another fun member of the group, and remember us all laughing till we were crying one night when Military Mike told us a story.

Sharon was my roomy for a few nights, she was from Derry Ireland, and we got on very well. She was a gynaecologist.

Sharon was always there when there was fun. She had been to Cuba and advised me to go as she said I would love it for the dancing .

Bob, unfortunately was ill for part of the holiday, but was fortunate to have Morley kindly looking after him.

He did manage to cycle some of the time, and when he did you could tell he was very keen. Apparently, he has many top of the range bicycles.

I remember at the top of one very harrowingly steep hill, where we were all very hot and sweaty, I offered to pour water all over Bob and he said yes with glee.

The combination of ages and personalities were a perfect mix for our Pedalling in Poland trip.

We had an excellent time and my best trip to date. I have fantastic memories of each and every one of the people. Tomorrow I will tell you about how a situation occurred where we all bonded.

Have a great day.

Love as always

Loraine x





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