The Polska Ponchos

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Hi friends

The Polska Ponchos

It was our first day of cycling, we walked our bikes through the beautiful mountain town of Zakopane.

We walked around the market and sampled the delicious local cheese.

We took our bikes on a cable car to the top of Gubalowka mountain, where we were assured there would be a spectacular view, but the clouds were grey.

We reached the top and the vast mountain range was evident amongst the further greying cloud. The view looked dark and mysterious, rather than the green and blues of the landscape we were expecting.

Then it started to rain, we ran for cover, and thought it was just a shower that would pass, but it got heavier and heavier.

Some people didn’t have rain coats, so Kasia went and bought a load of rain mac ponchos with Polska and the national flag on the front, meaning Poland. They were really funny with white pointed hats. Most of us were now wearing them over our ordinary raincoats.

Suddenly, the heavens opened even more and it started to hail stone, with huge stones, you could barely see a thing.

We had to go inside for cover, as the hail stones were blowing into us horizontally.

The storm eventually eased and we got on our bikes with the funny Polska Ponchos, we looked hilarious.

We rode down the mountain carefully as the roads were very wet, I loved it.

The situation bonded us together. No one moaned or complained , because we all knew there was nothing we could do about it.

We made the most of the situation and found the humour, and we felt a sense of comraderie.

The Polska Ponchos were used throughout the trip, and were a catalyst for more jokes and they always made us laugh.

From Theron in we felt a connection, and the trip just got better and better

Love from

Loraine x

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