Magical Moments


Hi friends

Magical Moments

Kasia and I were cycling along side by side chatting. She said that the area where we were cycling normally had a lot of storks, and because there were none they must have migrated to Morocco.

There was a bit of sadness in her voice, because she was looking forward to seeing them.

In that moment, we did not verbalise our desire to see storks, but we did silently.

We were in the Spisz area, and were heading towards a wooden church in Debno built around the 15th century, and one of the oldest in Poland.

When we arrived we had to wait to go in, as a talk was going on inside.

I took some pictures of the surrounding area, I looked up and saw the storks nest on top of a lamp post. I knew it was a storks nest because I’ve seen them in Bulgaria.

I said to Kasia, there’s a storks nest over there, she said “have you seen any” I said “no” We looked at each other again a little despondent.

For some reason I looked round, and there in all their majestic glory were 2 storks elegantly flying through the air, with their huge wings and big prominent beaks.

I called to Kasia, we were excited and we watched them in awe as they seemed to chat to each other in their nest on top of the lamp post, you could hear their beaks clicking together.

We went on to view the beautiful church, which was quite small. The interior was decorated with skillful artwork, with paintings going back to the 13th century.

But for me, the magical moment was when our wishes were granted, to see the beautiful storks in flight.

Another magical moment was on the last day. Military Mike and I were wandering around the market at Krakow, and we stopped and watched some delightful children singing and dancing in traditional dress, we were captivated they looked so lovely, and sang and danced so well.

We stood and watched them for a while, people were going up to them and having their photo taken with them.

I thought I would like a picture taken with them, in that moment they all turned around and saw me and started heading towards me, as if they had heard my thoughts, granted I was wearing a colourful dress similar to theirs, and some may say that’s the reason they came over.

I know that our energies were a vibrational match, and in that magical moment the universe united us.

Mike had a picture taken on his phone, where he stood behind the children whilst I took a picture, they all turned round and burst into laughter to see him.

Truly magical moments that I will never forget.

Have a fantastic Saturday

Love as always

Loraine x



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