The Gazebo Night


Hi friends

The Gazebo Night

We stayed in a place called Rytro Poland, the description of accommodation said basic conditions, they weren’t wrong, it was basic, but had all that we needed, bed, hot shower, spacious room. I liked the rawness and character of the place. I shared a room with Sharon.

The evening was spent in the wooden gazebo in the garden, we were served trout freshly baked in foil from the BBQ , salad, bread and cake for dessert, the trout literally fell off the bone with an outer tasty crusty coating, it was delicious.

We were in good spirits and I thought is this going to be one of those amazing nights that you never forget, at this point it was hard to tell, it could have gone either way.

Kasia brought out the Slivovitz, which is a local home made spirit, made from plums and similar to raki.

We all did the customary Na zdrowie, where you clink glasses with everyone and make eye contact.

The first shot was like fire slowly going down, warming and comforting, you could feel it in your ears, the second and third shots were not as effective, but still nice.

We wanted some music, we were beginning to feel the fun. I put my music from my phone on, but they were cheesy and corny songs from tribute bands I had seen. they didn’t go down too well (mental note, put better music on phone before a trip).

Nick saved the day with some excellent music and would you believe he went and got speakers from his room, what a star.

The party began to get into full swing, we were laughing, dancing, singing and yes a bit intoxicated.

I noticed an empty wooden table at the back of us, and decided to dance on it, nobody stopped me, I believe sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

Before we knew it there were. 8 of us dancing on the table, laughing, joking , it was such good fun.

Yes, the Gazebo Night was a classic, legendary, epic, night, never to be forgotten and going into the memory bank as one of the all time greats.

Happy Monday

Love from

Loraine x


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