Beauty on your Doorstep

Hi friends

Beauty on your Doorstep

I was cycling along my normal cycle path, where a few months ago there were rows and rows of vibrant red poppies gracing the cycle way.

Amongst the poppies were budding tiny little daisies and purple thistles, that I thought would grow into something spectacular, but were never a match for the lovely colourful red wild poppies.

All the flowers now have died off, and all that are left are weeds where there were once an array of colour.

I was coming to the end of the pathway, and I had a sudden impulse to turn my head, and there before me looked like a lot of little people with their backs to me.

I ventured into the field and there they were loads of wild, lookalike sunflowers. I couldn’t believe my eyes, all the other wild flowers had died off but these beautiful big yellow flowers were now in full bloom.

I decided to take some photographs, left my bike by the cycle path and waded in. I was up to my waist in weeds, and it was quite hard to walk amongst the prickly thistles and weeds, but was well worth it for the pictures of the wild lookalike sunflowers.

They looked like little people saying “here we are, come and say hello” with their round faces and yellow hair, standing there in all their splendour.

This scene could have been anywhere, a lot of Eastern European countries have fields of sunflowers, but no it was right on my doorstep, just a few minutes cycle away.

Where the cycle of life continues, one set of flowers dies off and another emerges.

Yes, the beauty of this wonderful world is everywhere, even right on our doorstep, we just have to take notice.

Have a great day

Love as always

Loraine x

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