Seek Fun and Ye Shall Find

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Hi friends

Seek Fun and Ye Shall Find

It was inevitable that my friend Marilyn Hart and I would have a lot of fun and many laughs, but I don’t think either of us anticipated just how much fun we would have.

Whenever an intention is set, like – It is my intention to have the best time ever, milk every moment, have lots of fun, laughter and outrageous joy, the universe must deliver, and in the case of our experience in the Lake District, we were not disappointed.

Whilst driving up to Keswick, Cumbria, The Lake District, Marilyn and I were excited and enthusiastic about our forthcoming adventure, we chatted and laughed a lot.

We approached Scotch Corner and turned onto the A66 towards the North Pennines which I knew was spectacular as I had cycled across it on the C2C, but Marilyn had never been there before.

We stopped a few times to take pictures, and at one particular spot there was a sign that said –
The North Pennines
Area of Outstanding Beauty
We decided to have our photo taken beside it to indicate we were enhancing the beauty, the tongue in cheek humour that we share.

We continued towards Keswick and made it in good time.

Marilyn and I are of the same mind set, we like to look our best, with our jewellery, lipstick and trendy clothes. and why should this change just because we are going on an adventure trip.
We had huge suitcases for just a few days.

We are our own people and we don’t care what people think. To our minds don’t be deceived because we are glamorous, we are still hardy trekkers and climbers.

When we went out in the evening the standard attire was walking boots, rucksacks and raincoats, not high heels, dresses and full make up with glossy lipstick, and we did get some stares and funny looks, but we didn’t care, it’s good to be different and we do it for ourselves, not for anyone else.

The first evening we decided to go for a walk along Derwent Water, it was particularly beautiful and the sun was setting, the sun was going down causing a golden glow on the water, with the dark mountainous backdrop it was breath taking.

Also what was very interesting was a group of fireman working with long pipes in the water, handsomely adding to the scene.

Let’s go and have a look we thought, we went down there and asked what was going on, they said they were drilling incase of emergencies on the lake, we had a photo taken with one of them, it was fun to watch.

We saw a couple taking a picture standing on a rock in the water, star posing. We decided to copy them once they had gone.

Marilyn and I shared a double bed as that’s all there was available at the B&B which we didn’t mind, but in the night I use the toilet, I got out of bed one night in pitch black and was feeling around the bed to get to the toilet, but I couldn’t find the door handle to the toilet, I woke Marilyn up she was in fits of laughter as she thought I was sleep walking.

The last day we went on a boat trip over Derwent Water and got off the other side and walked half way round the lake, it was a nice walk going through forests and enjoying the lovely scenery.

We came across a marina with lots of boats and kayaks, when we went into the cafe Marilyn got all excited at the huge scones and was obviously an expert on cream teas, we both had one and it was delicious. I’ve got a picture of her eating one. We got talking to various people there, like we did wherever we went. We also had some wacky pictures taken on the pier. Lots of fun was had on that day.

On the last day in the square there was a fake climbing mountain, which you climb attached to ropes, for a laugh I decided to have a go, which according to Marilyn amused a lot of onlookers.

We had lots of fun and laughs on our Scafell trip, but it was inevitable really and there were obviously many more fun moments.

Life is about enjoying every moment and having fun, and becoming a child again.

Yes, seek fun and ye shall find.

Happy Monday

Love from
Loraine x008 009

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