Dreams Do Come True


Hi friends

Dreams Do Come True

In the last couple of weeks, 3 of my long held dreams have come true.

Two of them being climbing Scafell Pike the highest mountain in England, and meeting 4 times Everest summiteer Tim Mosedale.

About 10 years ago I read an article about a lady that performed exotic dancing in public at various functions, she loved dancing and wore beautiful colourful dresses, she inspired me, I thought I would love to do that, as dancing is one of my passions.

I started Raqs Sharki lessons which is a type of folk belly dance, I also started teaching myself with a DVD. I bought an authentic belly dance outfit in red with the long skirt, coin top, coin belt and veil. I wanted to perform in public.

5 years ago I was going to a fancy dress party, and I asked the host if I could perform belly dancing she said yes. I took the whole outfit to the party. but chickened out at the last minute.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Scotty held a Rhythms of the World garden party, which is an annual event held in Hitchin but this was his very own mini one, people from around the world play music and perform. Scotty’s garden party was for family and friends, and they wore fancy dress outfits from around the world.

This was my golden opportunity to fulfil my dream I thought, I asked Scotty and he was thrilled, and he made a big build up to my performance, announcing it on Facebook, but not saying who it was, and preparing the right music.

I took my red coin belt outfit to the party, I was nervous. Everyone was dressed in excellent fancy dress outfits from around the world such as Arabs, Egyptians, Spanish dancers and much more, everyone was in good spirits.

Scotty had gone to a lot of effort to prepare for the event there were garlands, BBQ, a gazebo tent where he was DJing the disco, and that was where I was to perform.

Scotty announced that Isabella from Egypt was about to perform, and everyone eagerly headed towards the gazebo tent.

I was nervous, but excited at the the same time, I had the routine fixed in my head.

I had visualised performing in the garden with plenty of room, but the gazebo tent was better more intimate and I could reach my audience better.

I walked into the tent with the veil high above my head nodding and saying greetings to everyone, the music started and my performance and dream began.

Everyone was cheering. My moves were going well. They were dancing and clapping along, some were playing the tambourine, Paul was on his bongos. The atmosphere was electric.

My dream had come true, in a way far better than I expected. I had not anticipate the marvellous audience participation.

Those few minutes of my belly dance performance, were the culmination of thoughts ideas, and visualisations over a 10 year period, and all I can say is, it far exceeded my expectations, and I was humbled and grateful to all who allowed my dream to come true.

So if you have a dream, don’t give up on it, it may happen the next day or in a few years it doesn’t matter when, because:-

Dreams are who you are
Dreams ignite your passion
Dreams make you feel alive
Dreams fulfil your purpose

Hold on to your dream no matter what, because eventually they always come true.

Happy Wednesday

Lots of Love
Loraine x


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