Good Ideas


Hi friends

Good Ideas

Have you ever had a good idea, and let it pass you by ?

I for one have had many and not acted on them.

There are many reasons why we don’t act on our good ideas, we may think there is too much competition, a lack of self belief, or self worth, a lack of funds.

We can always think of reasons and excuses not to pursue our good ideas.

Whilst in town I passed a cafe that was new, and it was full of ladies drinking tea and having a chat.

The reason I think it was full was because the cafe was so unique, it had ornate table and chairs, a dresser with olde worlde ornaments on, a sofa, a hand painted picture on the wall of the local lavender field and a very tasteful art gallery where you could buy pictures.

It was owned by 3 ladies, Vale, Wendy and Fran. I said to them “what a great unique idea they had here with the cafe”. They said that the mixture of their personalities in the business worked so well together, one was very positive and the other two were more cautious.

The important thing here is that the ladies acted on their good idea, and it was obviously paying off.

When you have a good idea, and it feels really good when you think about it, and that idea keeps coming back to you, be assured that you are connected to Universal Intelligence, who is urging you to go ahead with your ideas, dreams and inspired thoughts.

It’s that gut instinct, intuition, impulse, call it what you may, that is your green light from source energy to forge ahead, fearlessly with self belief, self worth and a feeling of invincibility.

You owe to yourself to be happy and have the best life possible, have faith in that great idea.

Have a great day

Much love

Loraine x










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