Hi friends
Faith is a form of hope, but it goes much deeper than that, it’s an inner knowing that all is well and everything works out in the end.
If you look back over the difficulties that you’ve had, you will notice that in the end it did sort itself out.
So having faith in what exactly, you may say ?
Firstly, have faith in yourself, that you have the ability to come up with the right solution for yourself in whatever situation you find yourself in, you are far better equipped to find the answers than you give yourself credit for.
Faith in the Universe, you know that when you ask it is always given, you just have to relax, allow and wait for the answer.
Having faith in another feels like a nice idea, but you can never truly rely on anyone other then yourself, you cannot control anyone else, and when you do you give your power away, and you put your happiness into someone else’s hands.
Faith is a powerful quality to have, and it takes time and trust to cultivate it, but once you feel faith, you will experience an inner peace like nothing you’ve ever felt before.
Have a great weekend
Love from
Loraine x
Hi friends


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