Angels of Abundance

Hi friends

Angels of Abundance

Angels of Abundance is an excellent book written by The Queen of Angels Doreen Virtue and her son Grant.

Whether you believe in angels or not, this book is very powerful. It’s very easy to understand and goes into detail about affirmations and visualisation, further reinforcing my knowledge and belief.

It also talks about how everybody has free will, and the angels will not intervene in your life unless you ask them.

I am always asking Arch Angel Michael to keep me safe and protect me, like when I get into my car or ride my bike or go on a trip. I also ask him to watch over my children, family and friends, especially if they’re going through difficult times.

Arch Angel Michael is the angel of courage, protection and safety, he is 7 foot tall with long blond hair and a sword, who wouldn’t want him in their life.

It can be very comforting in your hour of need, if you have any worries, problems, turmoil large or small, to call upon the angels to help you, and once you have, relax and allow the answer to come to you. Things always work out when you ask.

The angels are there to guide and give you courage. Arch Angel Raphael is for healing.

You are never alone in this life when you call upon the angels to walk beside you.

Have a great day

Love Loraine x



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