Be Bold

Hi friends
Be Bold
Have you ever found yourself saying and doing things that you think people want to hear and approve of, and not saying what you want because you’re afraid of what people will think ?
I think most people to some extent do this, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. We all want to fit in and be liked.
But you know what as you follow this path to – who you really are – fitting in and being liked become less important, and it’s replaced with being authentic and real.
I don’t mean be rude or unpleasant, or “say it like it is”. There is no way I agree with that attitude.
For a start people who live on a higher plane only have loving and non-judgemental thoughts, and it’s never their intention to hurt anyone.
What I’m talking about is when you are listening to a conversation and you have an impulse to add your take on the subject, don’t hold back, it’s your authentic you emerging and wanting to express itself.
Be bold and initiate a risqué topic, or if out with friends and you see a fun opportunity go for it. If telling jokes is your thing, practice so you’re really good at it and bring raucous laughter into your life.
The world doesn’t benefit by you acting small, timid or shy. Shine your bright light and be your true authentic self. The Universe, the world, friends and family want to see and hear your :-
Unique humour
Interesting conversation
Lovingly assertive opposing opinion
Risqué topic
Unconventional clothing
Your life will become more interesting and exciting when you adopt this attitude.
You will create opportunities and surprises that never existed before, just because you are putting yourself out there and making it happen.
So go on:-
Be daring
Be brave
Be different
Be first
Be bold
Have an amazing weekend.
Love as always
Loraine x


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