Follow Your Sat Nav

Hi friends
Follow Your Sat Nav
For many years I didn’t trust the sat nav on the google maps app on my phone for driving, my reason being that you can’t beat a good old map.
Admittedly, I’m a bit set in my ways with resisting change and a bit afraid of technology, but I have a strong desire to keep up with the times.
Recently I have been using my sat nav more, when I went to Keswick Cumbria and London, and it got me to my destination with no trouble, guided by a very nice gentleman with a lovely voice.
My daughter and I had a discussion about the sat navs being so amazing, we were in a state of awe at this wonderful technology, and that children of my grandsons age of two would grow up with this technology, and to them it will be second nature.
By the same token we have our own personal sat nav, that is guiding us in every moment, and it’s called many things :-
Gut instinct
Inner knowing
Divine guidance
Inner voice
It doesn’t matter what it’s called, the big question is, do you follow your intuition, or do you ignore it ?
It can be quite hard to follow your gut instinct when you are rushing around, feeling stressed, worried or anxious.
That’s why is so important to take time out for yourself, start the day with meditation and learn to quiet the mind, so as to allow that inner voice to speak to you loud and clear.
There will be no question as to whether or not you are following your ego or your own personal sat nav, because it will feel so good and so right.
Your life will flow with ease, as your inner being guides you from your truth and light.
Happy Wednesday
Love from Loraine x


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