Its All In The Technique

Hi friends
It’s All In The Technique
I went to watch my son compete in his athletics club end of season championships. I was asked if I could help, I willingly obliged.
The first event was the hammer, where a heavy ball is swung above the head round and round very fast, then it’s swung at waist level, the area is enclosed in a huge cage, the hammer is released at just the right moment.
Some competitors got the technique just right, swinging the ball far onto the field, whereas others got it wrong and it ended up in the netting of the cage.
I had to retrieve the hammers. It looked a potentially dangerous and very skillfull event, where the technique needed to be just right.
The second event I helped with was the shot put, another heavy ball but without the wire. The technique was to hold the ball into the neck and then throw it, sounds simple but again the technique had to be just right to be successful. I retrieved the shot put.
Both events required a very skillful technique, and I thought later that life is about adopting the correct technique.
There are many techniques we can use to stay on this path of maintaining our Positive Attitude, such as affirmations, visualisations, meditation.
Even just being aware of noticing in the very early subtle stage of a negative thought pattern, and then changing it to a positive thought can turn a potentially “bad” stressful day into a happy one.
Having negative thoughts is never wrong, but just being aware is a very good technique to have. Just pat yourself on the back for noticing and make the choice to think a better feeling thought. And it always is a choice.
The technique to a positive good feeling life is an ongoing process that is never ending, just like the hammer and the shot put.
This skill is well worth acquiring because you will experience a life beyond what you can imagine, and it will just keep on getting better and better.
Happy Monday
Love from
Loraine x


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