The Abraham Experience


1189Hi friends
The Abraham Experience
Abraham is non-physical energy, Source Energy, infinite Intelligence, The Divine, call it what you will, interpreted by Esther Hicks.
I had the privelege of experiencing the remarkable teachings of Abraham first hand in the 7 seminars, totalling 12 hours on The Canary Island cruise.
I’ve been following Abraham for 6 years, and up until the cruise I had never met an Abraham follower, so to be in the same arena with Abraham and 800 Abraham followers was the ultimate profound experience, the atmosphere was electric, you could feel the immense positive energy.
The seminars were held in the Eclipse Theatre of the ship and my friend and room mate Kay and I always sat 4 rows from the front and in the middle, it was a good spot.
Abraham invites people from the audience to come to the Hot Seat, where they ask a question, and they always pick someone who is in alignment with Source Energy.
I put my hand up every time I didn’t get picked, but it didn’t matter after a while, as the question I had on my mind was always answered by Abraham through someone else, and this happened for a lot of people, this is the power of the Law of Attraction.
The questions and subjects varied from relationship issues, to meeting a soulmate, focusing and much more.
One of the main messages from Abraham was how to live an unconditional life, meaning that circumstances, events, behaviour, do not have to be just right for you to feel love, be positive and lead a fulfilling life. When you are able to do this freedom is yours.
One of the many gifts we received from Esther Hicks was an affirmation that can be used in your car and looked at through the mirror as it’s back to front, I’ve put it in my bedroom, and can see it in my mirror all the time.
Feel the ease when you go through your day saying this affirmation, it’s so general it covers everything.
Things Are Always Working Out For Me.
Have a lovely day.
Love from
Loraine x


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