The Focus Wheel

Hi friends

The Focus Wheel

The focus wheel is an Abraham process that I’ve known about for years, but I haven’t been using it lately. I have a focus wheel app on my phone.

At the beginning of a seminar on the Canary Island cruise, Esther Hicks said she did her usual focus wheel just prior to the seminar.

Draw a circle, in the middle set your intent of what you want to happen, and around the spokes of the wheel write all that is associated and supports that intent, in present tense.

In the case of Esther she said in the middle she put, The seminar was extremely successful, and around the circle wrote things like, the vibration is very high in the theatre, everyone is gathered on this vessel to connect fully with Abraham.

I knew that Esther always did focus wheels, but now my interest was renewed and I was eager to start practicing them more.

As we approached the first island The Azores on the top deck, on the heels of my new inspired interest in The Focus Wheel, I met a young man from Harrogate, and we had a long in depth conversation about focus wheels.

He uses focus wheels all the time and treats them like a form of meditation. He writes one page after another, feeling the intent and getting the momentum going around the spokes of the wheel, writing as many desires as he can think of. I was inspired even more.

I started talking to everyone I met about focus wheels, and before I knew it everyone was asking my advice about them. I happily obliged with what I knew.

So I’ve started using focus wheels regularly as they are a very good focusing tool, writing down exactly what you want, and all that supports it round the spokes. Whatever you write must feel good.

The example I’ve given is from my app, but I think writing it down is more effective. Have fun with this.

Feel the momentum of The Focus Wheel and watch as all that you want comes with ease.

Have a great day.

Love from
Loraine x


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