Hi friends


When on the Canary Island cruise we would get back to the cabin of an evening and find a gift from Esther with a little note.

The first week of the cruise there was a beautiful Eco friendly journal and on my bed, embossed with the Abraham Hicks emblem.

The note said that writing in a journal is a very strong point of focus, and Esther fills her journals with things to appreciate and positive aspects, but lately she’s been writing about a condition she would like to change and then writing the emotions she would feel if they were changed, and calls this positive-momentum-adding, she says it feels like magic.

During the seminars a lot of people were writing in their journals when Abraham was speaking, but that wasn’t for me as I liked to be fully present in the seminars, and writing took me off focus.
After the seminar I would write notes in about what I’ve learnt and also focus wheels. I’ve also ordered the CDs of the seminar so can write notes then.

There is no doubt that journaling daily about your thoughts, how you are feeling, focus wheels, appreciation and gratitude is very powerful.
What you’ve learnt becomes
engrained in your subconscious and you can go back to your journal months later and watch your progress.
I’m now going to do a focus wheel in my Abraham journal with my beautiful pen with the intent on having an amazing day, hope yours is too.

Love from
Loraine x


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