Getting Into The Vortex Relationship Cards

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Getting Into The Vortex
Relationship Cards

Another gift from Esther which we found in our cabins towards the end of the cruise was some vortex relationship cards, based on the 2010 guided meditation.

They are beautiful cards with strong powerful messages about relationships.
The theme of the seminars seemed to be based around relationships – wanting to find a soul mate, break ups, and problems within existing relationships.

One particular young man wanted to find a soul mate and Abraham was explaining that you can’t get from where you are to where you want to be, whilst feeling needy, they said you must be a mate to you soul first. Someone in the audience shouted out “I’m here”, everyone laughed, Abraham said “that’s what you get when you’re not in alignment”.

Another man talked about how he was in a wonderful relationship, but was beginning to feel trapped as she was texting him a lot now, he was blaming her, but Abraham turned it round to encourage him to love unconditionally and focus on what brought them together in the first place.

A young girl was crying in the hot seat because of a lost love, Abraham turned it around in the same marvellous way as before, by encouraging the girl to be grateful for the relationship, as she was now sending rockets of desire for exactly what she does want.

Powerful stuff. I love the cards and I have learnt a lot about relationships through them and the seminar.
Many things stand out, but a few lessons I learnt which I’m further reinforcing is to always focus on how you feel about other people, yes it’s nice when others like you, compliment you and make you the focus of their attention, but it’s often short lived and not in your control. In other words don’t let others opinions of you be the source of your happiness, otherwise it’s going to a roller coaster ride.

Abraham talks a lot about living with unconditional love, meaning love those who are close to you unconditionally meaning circumstances around them don’t have to be just so in order to love them, this gives you a feeling of freedom.

Relationships are at the basis of our life, and to have wonderful relationships with others is life enhancing, but the first and foremost relationship we will ever have is with ourselves and our inner being, and when we are alignment with this all other relationships will fall into place.

Have a great day

Love from

Loraine x



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