Its Not The Getting There, Its The Going There

Hi friends

It’s not the getting there
It’s the going there

On the heels of a new cruise friend telling us a remarkable story about her winning 5 million dollars on a slot machine in a casino 7 years ago.
7 of us decided to each night buy 7 lottery tickets for 7 nights to win the 760,000 dollar cruise lottery jackpot (all the 7s).

We all meditated on it, got excited about it, stood at the kiosk at 11pm each night, for the draw, to celebrate our win, except it didn’t come.
Each night Natalie would shake her head to say “no not tonight” we would all say “it will happen tomorrow”.

But it’s made me realise about what Abraham says, and I’ve not got it properly before, it’s not about the manifestation, it’s the journey of getting there, because the excitement, anticipation, exhilaration, imagination, comrarderie was so profound in our belief that we would win. In fact we had already spent the money in our heads.

Yes the win would have been nice, but we would soon be onto our next desire when the novelty had worn off, as we are eternal creators.

For sure, the journey leading up to the manifestation is the spice of life.
Have a great day

Love from Loraine








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