Meeting The Locals

Hi friends

Meeting The Locals

Whenever I travel I so love to meet the local people, and the Canary Island cruise was no exception, although often because of the short period of time on each Island it was a brief encounter.
Madeira was a beautiful island and when we docked in the harbour it took my breath away.

I went on an excursion and one of the stops was a local fruit and fish market, these sort of places are ideal for meeting the locals.

The colours on the market were so vibrant with all the fruit and spices. There were a couple of ladies dressed in traditional costume, and I wanted a photo with one, but she was adamant she didn’t want a photo, but I continued smiling and being friendly and she eventually succumbed.

I wandered around the fish market, where the men were very serious about their work of preparing the fish. It was very interesting, with very unusual looking black gruesome fish, there was also a small shark.
A traditional hat with dancers round the edge and an aerial poking out the top, that I thought would connect me to source energy, jumped out at me, I had to buy it and wore it for the rest of the day.

A little lady with bags of apples approached us, she was so friendly and lovely, again I wanted a pic and she willingly obliged, I gave her some money and she insisted I have the bag of apples and then ran away. I explained I can’t take apples onto the ship, I did have one though and it was delicious.

I met many more people and will talk about them in future posts.
But meeting the locals in any country is all part of the adventure, and in this instance I was not disappointed.

Love as always
Enjoy your day
Loraine x







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