Gran Canaria – Swimming With An Opera Singer

Hi friends
Gran Canaria
Swimming With An Opera Singer
I had booked an excursion to the isolated sandunes of Masampolos.
It looked like I was going on my own, others were doing things but I liked the idea of swimming in the sea, and seeing the sandunes, and I knew I would meet people en route.
Whilst queuing for the coach Daniel was also there on his own, we had met at dinner previously. He normally hires a car with the young crowd but wanted to go to the beach and swim in the sea. We sat next to each other on the coach.
We arrived at our destination half hour later, we walked to the beach it was very windy and the sea looked quite choppy. You could see the beautiful sandunes way into the distance, but we decided to sit near the nearest one, as we didn’t have too much time.
Daniel and I went into the sea immediately, he was very keen and well equipped with his flippers, goggles and ear plugs.
There’s something quite adventurous about swimming in the ocean, that not knowing what’s beneath you, the coldness, the unpredictable waves, the vastness, yes I am in bliss whilst swimming in the sea.
We got out, Daniel decided to explore further down the beach to what he described, as Abraham would say “the abundance of the sandunes”.
The sandunes came about due to a tsunami in the 18th century, and in 100 years they will disappear. They reminded me of the Sahara when I went to Morocco, which is only across the water.
I clocked the nearest sandune and decided I wanted some spectacular pictures at the top, when Daniel returned I asked him to be my official photographer, showing him to stand at the bottom of the sandune whilst I pose, he willingly obliged, and the pictures were quite dramatic.
We had to go back after a few hours, we had a few more swims. I found out afterwards whilst doing karaoke that Daniel was an opera singer, I knew he was from Austria.
In Poland I went swimming with a priest, now in Gran Canaria with an opera singer, I would have asked him to sing in the ocean if I had known. I’ve decided to make – Swimming with…….., a theme. Let’s see what the Universe will bring me.
Have a great Sunday
Love from
Loraine x








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