Hi friends
Madeira was the second island we visited, and like the Azores is Portuguese.
We docked at the harbour of Funchal the capital of Madeira.
I had booked an excursion to ride a cable car and a wicker toboggan, it sounded fun and I was looking forward to it.
I went with my room mate Kay, and the first stop was a lace shop, Madeira and The Canary Islands are known for their lace making. After that we visited the fruit, veg and fish market where it was great to meet the locals.
We walked along a very long street where all the doors were painted with pictures, I had never seen anything like it. Pictures of people and scenes, a picture of a couple kissing, I got a photo of me replacing the girl kissing the guy for a laugh.
We arrived at the cable cars, which held 6 people at a time, I shared with Julia who was English but originally from Jamaica, and 4 ladies from Florida, we were captivated by the beautiful scenery of Funchal, and the scene was getting better the higher we were going.
It emerged that we all had property abroad, and we said let’s buy a place here and spend our summers here, they were all Abraham followers so we were of the same mindset.
We arrived at the top, and visited a church. We walked to the place where you queue for the toboggan.
The toboggans are made of wicker, they have no wheels and they slide down the road, controlled by guys in white hat and clothes, it looked like they could have come from Venice.
Kay and I got in the toboggan, the guys ran at first then stood at the back, they controlled it the whole time, by stopping or slowing the toboggan with their feet. We really enjoyed it and I managed to get a video.
At the end the toboggan guys were all standing waiting for a lift back to the top, I waved to them they didn’t wave back. I did think it’s very hard work and quite a responsibility, they looked exhausted, bless them.
Madeira was a beautiful island and I thoroughly enjoyed the eventful trip.
Have a great Friday
Love from
Loraine x







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