510 520 525 531 538 545 599 601 619Hi friends
I had booked an excursion, but after chatting to a group of people, I decided to cancel it and go our own way to explore the island.
There were 7 of us, and our intention was to get a good deal from a couple of drivers to take us around the island.
Sally was our negotiator. she was tall from UK and well spoken, she did a very good job and we had Antonio and Yapsy as our taxi drivers, using 2 cars.
The first place they took us was La Laguna, an olde worlde town that had a lovely rustic Spanish atmosphere. We visited the church, wandered up and down the street, had coffee.
The next stop took quite a long drive to, as it was up into the volcanic mountains, and I love to view the scenery as we drive along. We drove for miles, we then started getting higher and higher until eventually we were above the clouds, we were heading towards El Teide the highest volcanic mountain in Spain.
El Teide was a majestic, stunning beautiful mountain, unlike anything I had seen before. It stood alone, and was all different shades of brown, with barely ant foliage.
I took so many pictures of that mountain from all different angles.
We travelled around the mountain and stopped at various volcanic sites, the barren dry untouched landscape, was both moonlike and desertlike,and I found it awesome.
We had lunch at a restaurant amongst the volcanoes and an owl bag jumped out at me, I had to have it, my new Canadian friend Jo also bought one, we had so much attention and fun when we used our bags on future occasions.
Whilst waiting for the others in the car, I asked Yapsy our driver if he had any family, he went on to show Sally and I an amazing video of his son in a swimming pool.
The next stop after lunch was to travel to the coast to Peurta da la Cruz, we were only there a short while, but in just 15 minutes we had so much fun. I had to go paddling in the sea, the waves were big strong and frothy, the contrast of the blue sky. frothy white blue waves and black sand was spectacular. I got caught by a huge wave whilst having a picture taken, it was great.
The last stop was a very ornate lace making factory and shop, a very skillful art and they show you how they make lace.
Antonio and Yapsy took us back to the ship after an 8 hour tour that was excellent. We saw so much of the Island. They went beyond the call if duty to show us their beautiful island, which they were obviously very proud of.
I do find that in a lot of countries that I visit that people are very friendly, hospitable, humble and very proud of their country, and when I meet them I feel honoured and I too grow and expand as a person.
Have a great weekend
Lots of love
Loraine x








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