The Azores

Hi friends
The Azores
The first stop of the cruise was the Island of São Miguel in the Azores, we docked in the town of Portas Delgada.
I had booked an excursion and went with Kathy from Colorado, who I had met previously at dinner.
We set off by coach to the famous double lakes called Sete Cidades. The lakes were each of two different colours blue and green. It was very beautiful and scenic, but a lot of people and coaches.
We headed off and stopped at another scenic area where there were magnificent views of the coastline. The island was very pretty, lush and green.
The whole trip didn’t take long, and when we got back Kathy and I decided to venture into Portas Delgada on our own, as she had researched some good areas to visit.
Well, what happened next far exceeded the rather touristy excursion, and as I’m an asker of fun, spontaneous, interesting things to happen all the time, in this particular instance, the universe did not let me down.
We headed for The Old Gate which stood in all their majestic glory the famous 3 arches called portas da Cidade, and I had to have my mandatory star pose under it.
Kathy and I walked around in awe as we came across street after street of beautiful, mosaic, cobbled, decorated in black and white pathways. We were click, click, clicking our cameras, we were in a state of bliss.
I had met someone who takes more pictures than me. There was even a guy who vacuums the pathways, I had to have my picture taken with him.
We were walking along fully appreciating our surroundings when I heard a man behind us singing along to himself, I said “I love to hear a man singing” before we knew it we were having a drink at the bar with him.
His name was Ricardo, an Argentinian, who was on the cargo ship next to ours. He was married with a family.
Anyway, it ended up with us going on a pub crawl with him. Ricardo didn’t speak English but Kathy spoke Spanish. But after a while words were no longer needed as all he did was sing.
We sat at a bar on the front of the harbour with Ricardo serenading us, when Matty a man sitting nearby started singing too, he was with his new bride Helena, and they were from Finland.
So they were both singing at the top of their voices, Kathy and I were laughing, it was so funny.
We bid our new friends farewell, thanked them for a fun afternoon.
We were quite grateful not to be arrested at our first port, because a security guard came and told them to keep the noise down, but it was a great start to our first island trip, and absolutely love it when fun spontaneous things like that happen.
Have a great day,
Love from
Loraine x140














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